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Our passion for psychology drove us to study and discover it… From our point of view, psychology is very present in every aspect of our lives, as it represents the basis of our decisions and actions. Understanding the structure which constitutes the basis of an action can help us handle situations adequately. Moreover, understanding the need and reason of an action, we can adapt to certain contexts.

Psychology helps us integrate and utilise our previous experiences in order to function at our highest potential

Psyperiu’s main purpose is to make psychology more accessible to people, in an open and dynamic manner, which sustains the formation of healthy principles. Building psychological strategies and implementing them in our work and personal lives, represent the basic directions from which we establish our day-to-day activities. Our services are implemented according to each client’s specific needs, following consultation processes, becoming a partner that helps integrating the components which lead to functioning as a whole, sustaining a balanced living climate.

Today’s society has understood that its functionality depends on the smooth working of each of its members. Continuous learning, developing new abilities and living certain life experiences, represent some investments which most of us have either gained or wish to gain for ourselves. Sometimes we find the answers we need in a book, other times we turn to the right specialist for solutions, and sometimes we realise that the answer was always within ourselves.

Psyperiu was created as a consequence of the constant need and desire of society to have access to quality psychological information and to aid the application of different psychological concepts in a practical manner, all to assure good both mental and physical functionality.

Happiness does not constitute of our achievements or the material things we own, but of the way we enjoy things around us.

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